“Prosveshcheniye” (the meaning of the word “prosveshcheniye” in English is “enlightenment”) is Russian Education Holding with 40% share of the country’s educational market. Eight generations of Russian people grew up and learned using our books.

“Prosveshcheniye” is actively investing in technology, our employees and our business. Making the best products in the market, used in every school in the country, we are working towards creating a unified learning environment by offering products and services for children, their teachers and their parents.

Following our lifelong traditions, we’re doing everything to make the learning process better, more interesting and more varied.

We understand that modern education is a complicated and multifaceted process. “Prosveshcheniye” offers different solutions with various complexity levels for the entire educational system, starting with more specific offers for every individual student and going as far as creating development programmes for entire regions.

Nowadays, our experience, combined with our leading positions in the market and our professionalism pave the way for developing strategic partnerships with various educational companies.

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Our history

“Prosveshcheniye” has a rich history and lifelong traditions that can’t be separated from the history of our country and its educational system. 2015 is a landmark year for our company, as we’re celebrating 85 years on the market; 85 years of work and experience in developing and publishing an entire spectrum of educational literature and teaching aids; 85 years of leading positions in the publishing business.

  • 1930Establishing of “Uchpedgiz” publishing house that quickly became the biggest educational publisher in USSR. Approximately 29 000 000 books were published during the first year.
  • 1941-1945Publishing of educational literature was not stopped during the Second World War. As a result, 233 textbooks were issued.
  • 1945-1959This period closely connected with introduction of professional training and technical literature in schools.
  • 1964“Uchpedgiz” was named “Prosveshcheniye”.
  • 1974“Prosveshcheniye” was awarded with the Order of Red Banner of Labour for excellence in the development of educational literature for schools.
  • 1970–1980“Prosveshcheniye” developed a theory of a school textbook; educational methodological complexes (EMC) in all subjects were produced.
  • 1988“Prosveshcheniye” published over 2 000 different book titles and reached the highest number of printed copies – 321 million.
  • 2004“Prosveshcheniye” released its first book with a multimedia application.
  • 2005“Prosveshcheniye” became a Public Limited Company.
  • 2011“Prosveshcheniye” was sold to “Olma Media Group” .
  • 2013Vladimir Uzun – Founder, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors at “Olma Media Group” – became President of “Prosveshcheniye”.
  • 2015Every textbook, released by the publishing house (415 titles), was converted into e-book format and can be used as a single educational product.

2017 / Today we are

Nowadays 700 employees are working on creation of 5 000 items and development of 7 regional branches. More than 40 000 Russian schools are learning with “Prosveshcheniye” textbooks. Our company can be proud of extra educational resources, which also play an important role for our business and image:

  • Teacher training courses
  • Educational trainings
  • Educational tours for families
  • Educational activities within the programme of extended education for children and adults

Academic & Research Lab


2017–2020 / Our future plans are directed to: